Chantal Leduc Cloobeck: An intimate look at the life of a celebrated model and devoted mother

Welcome to our podcast where we take a closer look into the life and career of Chantal Leduc Cloobeck, an accomplished international model turned artist and mother. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Cloobeck enjoyed a successful modelling career that lasted for over 15 years. However, after becoming a mother of four children, she decided to shift her focus towards raising her children while simultaneously pursuing her passion for art and photography. We explore Cloobeck’s journey as a mother and how her passion for art and fashion has influenced her artistic style. Cloobeck leveraged her knowledge of the fashion industry and refined her distinct sense of style, which has been showcased in her artwork and photography. Moreover, we delve into her community involvement as the co-founder of the Marshmallow Foundation, an organization that supports medical research for those with rare diseases. Throughout the episode, we share insights into Cloobeck’s personal and professional life, highlighting how she balances her role as a mother, artist, and philanthropist. Moreover, we discuss how her work in the art and photography world has been celebrated, with exhibitions in international galleries and collaborations with notable artists. In conclusion, we invite listeners to join us on a journey through the life and career of this multi-talented personality, Chantal Leduc Cloobeck. With a focus on her role as a mother, artist, and philanthropist, this episode promises to be entertaining, inspiring, and enlightening. Profile Here:

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