Halo 2+ Collar Reviews: Cesar Millan's Dog GPS Smart Fence

Monitoring your dog can be a difficult task. Even well-behaved dogs may suddenly bolt, potentially putting themselves in harm’s way. Is the Halo collar the solution for allowing your dog to roam freely outdoors without constant supervision, or is it merely a training aid for dog parks? In this article, we compare the Halo Collar with other products such as the affordable Wagz Freedom Collar and the more expensive SpotOn Virtual Fence to determine if it delivers on its promises.Established in 2017 by renowned animal expert Cesar Millan and his associate Ken Ehrman, Halo was born from the duo’s extensive experience in the canine industry. Their goal was to develop a company that leverages cutting-edge technology to improve dog care. The Halo dog collar facilitates the creation of a wireless fence system, with the dog wearing a training collar connected to the Halo app on your smartphone. The app enables you to set the boundaries of an invisible fence, track your dog’s location using GPS, and monitor their activity levels. The second generation Halo collar and app offer additional features, boasting improved durability, enhanced battery life, and superior GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular functionality compared to the original collar.Read review:https://www.sfgate.com/market/article/halo-collar-review-17090997.php

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