Hvorfor Vælge En Hjemmeside Med Webshop?

WordPress started out as a pure blogging system, a CMS system aimed at individuals who wanted to run an online blog. Within a few years, more and more people realised that it could also be used as a CMS system for websites, and since then it has become the platform of choice for most people who want to create a new website. The very fact that the WordPress system is so incredibly popular also means that you won’t find other systems with the same number of extra modules you can install as needed. A lot of them are completely free, or parts of the extension are free and some features require a premium version to access everything. Even the CMS system which is the “engine” behind a website is 100% free (and open source) and can be freely downloaded by anyone. You can even find a large amount of free themes there, but the vast majority of these are nothing overwhelming and won’t be usable for anything other than a hobby blog, unless you put some time and energy into customizing the theme.

If you want a good webshop system, or cms system then WordPress/WooCommerce or Shopware is most likely one of the best choices you can make. Both systems are easy to use, fast (with the right configuration) and can do almost any job you need. A good webshop system is critical if you want to sell your stuff online. Especially when combined with a nice webdesign and a great UX. Without the right combination of an effecting CMS system, a great webdesign and the right usability you can’t expect to succeed with your online webshop here in 2022. Especially UX, mobile responsive and loading times are now something of the most important aspects of running a website these days. And i’t also an important aspect of seo if you want to rank your websites on the search engines.

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